Ways to make extra money fast

Ways to make extra money fast

Ways to make extra money fast this speedy income key is guaranteed to work as long as the internet is around and it’s so simple a 7 year old can do it.

The method only includes the technical know how to “copy & paste” that’s it. Now let’s get started with Ways to make extra money fast plan b.

Step #1 Go to Yahoo.com and find the most popular searches for that day, and choose anyone of them.

Step #2 Now go out on the internet and find 5 – 10 stories on that person or story, and copy & paste them in notepad or wordpad whichever you are running.

Step # 3  Go to http://docs.Google.com sign in using your email address, next click on “Create New” and from drop down menu click on “Documents”

Next copy and paste all of those articles or stories into this area, and save it. Next – Click “File” from your Google Docs Menu, click “Download as”, then choose “PDF”.

Step #4  Go to Blogger.com and open and account and make a very simply blog and paste your google doc link on it.

Step #5  Go to Paypal.com and open an account, and follow the directions to create a pay button for whatever you want to charge for your ebook.. (creating a pay button for $ 4.97 works best)

Note; If you have a problem with this part go to google and click on “video” on top of left corner then type in search box “create pay button” and choose one of the videos,usually about 1 – 2 minutes long. Very simple process but hard to explain in writing..

ways to make extra money fastStep #6  Go to google search at google.com and type in “google adwords coupon” go on any of those site to get a $ 75.00 adwords coupon.

Step #7  Go to google adwords,and open and account using your coupon this will allow you to begin sending massive traffic to it asap within minutes.

Note: Google adwords has several video showing you how to do this within a matter of minutes, you will use your coupon to purchase traffic to your page.. Be sure your ad does say the person or event it’s about..You will pay about 5 cents for each click using this method.

That’s it!

For more little known methods of making money online you can get a copy of a great free book showing step by step in great detail in how it’s done.


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Ways to make extra money fast